Nanchong Qinglongshan School

This project uses a full set of swimming pool equipment such as AQUA circulating water pump + filter sand tank + disinfection + three-in-one

Project introduction: Qinglongshan School is located on North Xihua Road, Shunqing District, with a planned investment of 300 million yuan, covering an area of 113 acres and accommodating 3150 students. It is a nine-year school under construction in Shunqing District. The project is equipped with a full set of equipment such as AQUA professional swimming pool pumps, filter sand tanks, ozone disinfection equipment, dehumidification heat pumps, etc., which can purify the swimming pool in an all-round way, ensure the quality of circulating water, and can also use water resources efficiently and avoid waste of water resources. The national green and sustainable development policy has been adopted.

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