It is suitable for indoor and outdoor swimming pools, showers and other places in schools. It can provide one-stop swimming pool water treatment, domestic hot water supply and other solutions to meet indoor swimming pool circulating filtration, disinfection, water quality monitoring, constant temperature heating, dehumidification (indoor swimming pool) and clean lighting Wait for a complete set of swimming pool and domestic hot water supply demand.



1. Provide water treatment solutions

The quality of swimming pool water is closely related to the swimming pool circulation system. Whether the design of the circulation system is reasonable is directly related to the effect of swimming pool water treatment.


2. Solve the problems of high indoor temperature and humidity, corrosion of buildings, etc.

This problem mainly exists in indoor constant temperature swimming pools. In indoor swimming pools, the indoor air becomes humid due to the evaporation of the surface of the pool water. The hot and humid air is not only bad for the experience, but also harmful to human health. Furthermore, since the evaporated water in the indoor swimming pool will condense in the cold indoor air, it will corrode the building and indoor decoration, and in severe cases, it will cause dangers such as the collapse of the house!


3. Solve problems such as high heating cost of swimming pool and unstable domestic hot water supply

Common equipment for pool water heating includes gas boilers, oil-fired boilers, electric boilers, and air source heat pumps. Traditional boiler products generally have lower initial installation costs, but higher operating costs. The school has a large number of staff and concentrated hot water use time. How to ensure a stable and adequate supply of hot water is also a difficult problem to be considered at the beginning of the design.


Circulating water pump + filter sand tank + ozone/ultraviolet disinfection Three-in-one constant temperature dehumidification heat pump Constant temperature heat pump + shower heat pump

Circulating water pump + filter sand tank + ozone/ultraviolet disinfection

The swimming pool water treatment system can pump the used pool water back through the circulating water pump according to a certain proportion, filter, purify and disinfect it, so that the water is clarified, and it meets the "artificial swimming pool water quality sanitation standard" before sending it to the swimming pool for reuse.


Three-in-one constant temperature dehumidification heat pump

The dehumidification heat pump series is a product specially developed for indoor swimming pools. It integrates air conditioning, dehumidification, heat recovery, fresh air treatment and auxiliary heating of pool water. It recovers a large amount of energy and comprehensively utilizes energy to overcome many problems such as high humidity and high chlorine environment. The operation mode changes in summer, autumn and winter, to achieve high-efficiency and energy-saving operation.


Constant temperature heat pump + shower heat pump

The constant temperature heat pump unit can also be operated 24 hours a day, fully automatic operation, and the temperature of the swimming pool can be displayed in real time, without fear of wind, frost, snow and rain. With the advantages of stable heating performance and low energy consumption, shower heat pumps have gradually become heat source equipment for large hot water demand projects such as hotels, baths, and schools.

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