It is suitable for residential indoor or outdoor swimming pools. It can provide one-stop swimming pool water treatment, domestic hot water supply and other solutions to meet indoor swimming pool circulating filtration, disinfection, water quality monitoring, constant temperature heating, dehumidification (indoor swimming pool), and clean lighting. The entire swimming pool and domestic hot water supply demand.



1. Adopt a full set of swimming pool equipment such as circulating filtration and disinfection

To ensure the safety, hygiene and health of swimmers, it is essential to install a swimming pool water treatment filtration system. The purpose of installing a swimming pool water treatment system is to keep the pool water in a state of constant flow and renewal, and to ensure that the purified water is clear and clean!


2. Pay attention to disinfection of swimming pools in public places to maintain healthy water quality

Among the various types of swimming pools, the passing rate of swimming pools in residential quarters is low, and the data shows that the main indicators of unqualified detection are the total number of bacteria and the pH value. Need to circulate the water to strengthen the disinfection of the swimming pool. You can choose a combination of ozone and ultraviolet disinfection for pool water disinfection, which is simple to operate and has high sterilization efficiency.


3. According to actual needs, select the corresponding equipment such as constant temperature heating and dehumidification

If the residential swimming pool is built indoors and needs to be kept at a constant temperature, then the constant temperature and humidity system equipment is indispensable, which can ensure the temperature of the swimming pool water and does not affect residents' swimming in winter. In addition, the lighting equipment and shore equipment in the swimming pool can improve the environment of the swimming pool and give swimmers a better swimming experience.


Choose circulating water pump + filter sand tank + disinfection equipment according to your needs Use ultraviolet/ozone disinfection equipment Constant temperature heating + dehumidification equipment

Choose circulating water pump + filter sand tank + disinfection equipment according to your needs

The swimming pool water circulation system can keep the pool water flowing without stagnant water; the filtering equipment can remove impurities and dirt in the water, and disinfection can kill invisible bacteria and viruses, so as to keep the water healthy and clean, and protect human health.


Use ultraviolet/ozone disinfection equipment

With the development of society, people are becoming more and more aware of environmental protection and health, so more and more swimming pools will adopt physical sterilization and green disinfection methods. For example, the currently popular swimming pool ultraviolet sterilizers and ozone disinfection equipment on the market have fast and efficient sterilization and disinfection effects, and physical sterilization without chemical agents is harmless to the human body, and there is no need to worry about irritation and harm to the human body. It can also be used together for higher sterilization efficiency.


Constant temperature heating + dehumidification equipment

If it is an indoor constant temperature swimming pool, a constant temperature and humidity system is required to meet the constant temperature and dehumidification requirements of the indoor swimming pool and create a comfortable swimming pool environment.

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