It is suitable for indoor and outdoor swimming pools, showers and other places in hotels. It can provide one-stop swimming pool water treatment, domestic hot water supply and other solutions to meet indoor swimming pool circulating filtration, disinfection, water quality monitoring, constant temperature heating, dehumidification (indoor swimming pool) and clean lighting Wait for a complete set of swimming pool and domestic hot water supply demand.


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1. A full set of swimming pool technological processes such as circulating filtration and disinfection

Use a circulating water pump to send the used pool water into the filter to remove particulate impurities in the pool water, and then send it back to the pool after purification by subsequent disinfection and other process purification equipment. Repeat this cycle to always keep the pool water clean and hygienic.。

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2. Solve the problems of constant temperature heating of pool water, condensation of indoor swimming pools, hot and humid air, corrosion of decorative buildings, mildew, etc.

As the indoor swimming pool is a high-humidity environment, in this case, the glass and walls will produce fog, condensation and other phenomena, which will have a serious impact on the human body and the structure of the house. Therefore, the design of indoor swimming pools will pay special attention to the design of dehumidification. If the pool water needs to be heated at a constant temperature, heat source equipment can be configured for heating.

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3. Domestic hot water supply

Due to the concentrated time of hot water demand for showers in hotels, sufficient hot water and stable water temperature must be used during peak hours, which will directly affect important aspects such as the hotel's image and reputation. Therefore, a reasonable solution is needed.


Circulating filtration + heating + constant temperature dehumidification + cleaning and disinfection + shower Heating + constant temperature + dehumidification Shower hot water

Circulating filtration + heating + constant temperature dehumidification + cleaning and disinfection + shower

The use of processing equipment such as swimming pool circulating filtration + heating + constant temperature dehumidification + cleaning and disinfection can solve the needs of water treatment processes such as circulating filtration, disinfection and cleaning of swimming pools in one stop, allowing hotel customers to feel at home and enjoy the four seasons while also satisfying the hotel. Demand for the supply of domestic hot water.


Heating + constant temperature + dehumidification

Using swimming pool heat pump + three-in-one constant temperature dehumidification heat pump, the indoor constant temperature dehumidification and constant temperature heating of pool water are in place in one step. The indoor high humidity environment is eliminated, the indoor temperature and humidity are constant, and energy saving and environmental protection are achieved.


Shower hot water

The AQUA hot water heat pump unit is more than three times more energy efficient than traditional electric water heaters. It is a new type of high-efficiency, energy-saving and environmentally friendly hot water heat pump product. The ideal solution for the centralized supply system of medium and small hot water, with remarkable energy-saving effect.

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