Production Base

After more than 20 years of development, AQUA has established its own complete design, production system and quality inspection system, and has a series of capabilities in product shape design, production and testing. It has four major production bases, including water pumps, sand tanks, heat pumps, and ultraviolet rays. Through its own investment, AQUA strives to build itself into a domestic and international swimming pool equipment brand with good quality and complete supporting facilities.

Brand product line

Water pump factory

Sand tank factory

Heat pump factory

UV factory

Research Center

Patent: 17 items; Certification: 15 items

The heat pump comprehensive performance laboratory is mainly responsible for the strict inspection of incoming raw materials and ex-factory products, and undertakes research and development functions. It is the heart of the AQUA heat pump production base. Mainly in accordance with brand development and market needs to improve existing products and processes, find new raw materials, develop and design new products, etc. The main experimental instruments include high-end equipment such as air temperature measurement and sampling device, low-temperature refrigerator, electrical control and measurement cabinet, measurement and control computer, air handler and so on.

In 2016, the AQUA brand won the "Influential Brand Award" in the selection of China's swimming pool hot spring SPA industry. In 2018 and 2018, we won the "Outstanding Brand Award", "Excellent Brand Award" and "Best Seller Award" at the industry annual meeting respectively. The successful improvement of the heat pump series products, the comprehensive advent of the multifunctional swimming pool heat pump dehumidification and constant temperature system, the vast number of new and old The customer's affirmation all means that AQUA's comprehensive laboratory as a booster has enabled AQUA to enter a high-speed development trend and gradually become a strong water treatment equipment supplier.

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