It is suitable for villas, private swimming pools and other places. It can provide one-stop swimming pool water treatment, domestic hot water supply and other solutions to meet indoor swimming pool circulating filtration, disinfection, water quality monitoring, constant temperature heating, dehumidification (indoor swimming pool), and clean lighting. The entire swimming pool and domestic hot water supply demand.


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1. A full set of swimming pool technological processes such as circulating filtration and disinfection

The equipment that needs to be configured to build a villa swimming pool includes a circulating filtration system, an automatic dosing system, a disinfection system, etc. Choosing high-quality professional villa swimming pool equipment will not only make your swimming pool water quality cleaner and healthier, but also reduce the later operating costs of the pool, and improve The service life of the swimming pool.

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2. High maintenance cost, difficult equipment maintenance, etc.

It can be treated with integrated swimming pool equipment. It is an efficient equipment integrating filtration, disinfection and circulation. It is installed directly by the swimming pool without building a computer room, which greatly saves costs and floor space, plus one The automatic sewage suction machine for swimming pool is simple and convenient to operate, without special cleaning and maintenance, so that you can save money, effort and worry!

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3. Safety principles for villa indoor swimming pool design

The design of villa swimming pool should pay attention to the design of anti-drowning, anti-leakage, electric shock, etc., ranging from structural materials to small screws and supporting facilities such as escalators, pool lights, swimming lane lines, etc., all need to meet the standard safety factor, and every safety detail Zhou Quanneng can bring more peace of mind and more protection to the owners.


Water pump + sand tank + ozone/ultraviolet/metal ion disinfection Pool integrated equipment Optional swimming pool lights and other supporting facilities

Water pump + sand tank + ozone/ultraviolet/metal ion disinfection

Poor water quality in swimming pools or improper sanitation management can cause health hazards and even cause diseases. Therefore, the construction of swimming pools must be equipped with corresponding swimming pool equipment to effectively purify the swimming pool water quality.


Pool integrated equipment

The integrated equipment is a professional, streamlined, and practical design that replaces the high-input computer room design, and uses high-quality swimming pool pumps and filtering equipment to ensure that the swimming pool water quality is thoroughly filtered and clean. It can be selected and installed according to different types of swimming pools and pool water characteristics. Low cost, high performance-price ratio, simple operation, suitable for small and medium swimming pools.


Optional swimming pool lights and other supporting facilities

Pool bottom lights are mainly used for underwater decoration and lighting such as swimming pools, landscape water, fountains, etc., which can play a role in lighting and aesthetics, allowing swimmers to see the bottom of the swimming pool and improving the safety factor.

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