Twenty years of wind and rain, seven thousand days and nights forging ingenuity


Founded in 1999, AQUA is a well-known brand that specializes in the production and sale of water treatment equipment such as swimming pools, water parks, hot springs SPA, and aquarium recycling systems. It has a production and research base of about 40,000 square meters in Guangzhou, Zhejiang and other places, and has the ability to develop and produce a complete set of swimming pool leisure water environment equipment. AQUA has passed ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001 international management system certification, and has obtained a number of industry patents. Its swimming pool water treatment equipment, such as circulating filtration, disinfection and cleaning, constant temperature heating, dehumidification and refrigeration, adopts international advanced technology and is of high quality. It is favored by users. It is sold all over the country and even in Africa, with a cumulative shipment of more than 1.5 million units.

In the past ten years, AQUA has developed with an innovative "Internet +" thinking model, abandoning the traditional development path, using Internet of Things technology and intelligence as a means to create high-quality "Internet +" maintenance services, so that users will not be able to leave. Residents can enjoy professional after-sales service. As a high-tech and strong professional swimming pool water treatment equipment brand, AQUA will continue to win the trust of customers with quality, stand on the market with reputation, return society with value, gallop the future with strength, and go hand in hand with all sectors of society to create brilliant!

Growing Up

  • Year 1999

    AQUA was formally established. Circulating water pumps and quartz sand filters are the main product series under the name. Headquartered in Guangzhou, over the past 22 years, 20 branches and after-sales service outlets have been established in major cities across the country to provide services to customers.
  • Year2000

    The introduction of advanced technology at home and abroad, with great concentration of research, and then launched the "AQUA" AQUA plastic water pump with high-quality motors-to ensure long-term normal operation, low noise; The experimental pressure shock test can withstand 100,000 times of pressure shock of 4kg/cm2, the overall water chestnut is distinct, the color is bright, the quality is excellent, and the service life is long.
  • Year2001

    The AQUA cast iron circulating pump is entirely made of high-quality corrosion-resistant cast iron. It is produced with advanced technology and high standards. Its performance, stability, and repair rate are far ahead of ordinary cast iron pumps in the domestic market.
  • Year 2002

    The impeller of AQUA air pump is three-dimensional design, the weight of the impeller is 30% lighter than the ordinary original right-angle impeller, the starting torque and the rotating resistance are small, and the work is stable and reliable. It is suitable for industry fields such as sauna bathing.
  • Year 2003

    AQUA’s main series of products, such as circulating water pumps and quartz sand filters, have won praise from customers with its professional technology and excellent products, and have quickly become one of the well-known brands of domestic swimming pool equipment, with sales at the forefront.
  • 2004-2005

    Since 2004, AQUA’s production plants have passed the ISO9001 international quality management system certification, and many products have obtained CE, UL, CUL, and TUV certifications, and the products are safe and reliable.
  • Year 2006

    In 2006, we started to develop an indoor swimming pool constant temperature dehumidification heat pump. After continuous testing and improvement, the application cases of AQUA three-in-one constant temperature dehumidification heat pump have been spread all over the country and have been well received.
  • 2007-2008

    AQUA products are increasingly accepted by domestic and foreign merchants, especially some large-scale projects designated to use the AQUA brand. Many domestic international chain hotels, water parks, gymnasiums, schools, and aquarium leisure and hot spring centers all use AQUA brand equipment.
  • 2009-2010

    Since 2009, AQUA has paid special attention to the importance of environmental protection to human health, introducing advanced water treatment and disinfection technology, AICA ozone, ultraviolet and other disinfection equipment not only bring clean water to water, but also bring health and safety to people.
  • 2011-2012

    Every water pump of the AQUA brand has been tested by adding water before being allowed to leave the factory. Every year, the product will be tested many times in order to improve the quality of every small accessory.
  • 2013-2014

    Participated in the Autumn Canton Fair in October 2013, and participated in the Guangzhou International Sauna Spa Swimming Pool Equipment and Supplies Exhibition in May 2014.
  • 2015--2016

    In order to adapt to the development of the product and the market and demonstrate the simple and fashionable personality of the AQUA brand, the company designed a new brand logo and AQUA shower heat pump that can work normally at minus 20 ℃; and was awarded the pool hot spring by the industry association in November. SPA industry influential brand award.
  • Year2017

    In 2017, AQUA launched ①Double-layer horizontal filter sand tank; ②ANP international standard protein separator; ③All-plastic seawater corrosion-resistant and pressure-resistant circulating water pump; ④Ultraviolet amalgam lamp sterilizer and a full range of aquarium equipment. Introduced a new generation of patented AP water pumps, and the production and sales of the old AP water pumps will cease today.
  • Year2018

    In December 2018, AQUA won the Outstanding Brand Award by the Pool Hot Spring SPA Industry Conference!
  • January-August 2019

    In February 2019, AQUA launched the ALB series of large-flow water pumps, which can better replace cast iron pumps and can be applied to aquariums. In May, launched the networked AUT-1000 water quality monitor and the new AO series ozone generator. In July, launched the new ALS series of pool lights. In August, a new medium-pressure UV was launched.
  • August 2019

    In order to better serve customers and develop itself, AQUA decided to expand the scale of the heat pump factory. The current factory occupies a vast area of about 9,000 square meters. The independent park provides a strong guarantee for the future productivity improvement of the factory.
  • November 2019

    In November 2019, AQUA and AQUA three-in-one constant temperature dehumidification heat pump won the Industry Excellence Brand Award and Industry Best-selling Product Award selected by the industry conference.
  • November-December 2019

    In November 2019, AQUA launched a new stainless steel ultraviolet sterilizer with good sterilization effect. And in December, the large-gram QHW ozone generator was launched, which does not change the water quality and the environment, and fully meets the development requirements of green and environmental protection.
  • Year2020

    AQUA will introduce a new generation of new medium-pressure UV sterilizers in June 2020. In July, AICA launched the new energy-saving water pump ALK series, which saves about 50% of energy than ordinary swimming pool pumps. Hope to bring customers a more convenient and comfortable experience.


Brand Concept: Inherit the spirit of ingenuity and build a high-quality swimming pool equipment brand

AQUA aims to provide services to customers in the swimming pool water treatment equipment industry. Solve the various swimming pool equipment needs of our customers, and cooperate with customers for a win-win situation. With high-tech technology, professional services and high-quality products, we inherit the spirit of ingenuity, create a high-quality swimming pool equipment brand, and establish a high-end brand well-known at home and abroad.


Brand culture: win the trust of customers with quality, based on the market with reputation, return to society with value, and gallop the future with strength

Quality is the best standard to measure a brand. AQUA has always been responsible for production by professional and technical personnel, and pays attention to product quality control and new product research and development.

Reputation is the foundation of a brand management. Building a trustworthy well-known brand at home and abroad, and gaining the support and recognition of our customers are the continuous driving force for AQUA's development.

Value is the embodiment of a brand's social responsibility. AQUA has always regarded giving back to the country and building society as its brand mission, always giving back to the society with a grateful heart, earnestly fulfilling the brand's social responsibilities, and assuming extensive social responsibilities in charity, public welfare, and assistance.

Strength is a reflection of the comprehensive capabilities of a brand. AQUA has four modern R&D and manufacturing bases covering nearly 40,000 square meters. The entire line adopts intelligent, automated, and green high-tech production equipment. With advanced manufacturing technology and independent research and development capabilities, it has successively launched new plastic pumps with low speed and large flow. A variety of green products such as full-physical disinfection of medium-pressure ultraviolet rays, energy-saving and environmentally-friendly hot water heat pumps, constant temperature heat pumps, high temperature heat pumps, three-in-one constant temperature dehumidification heat pumps, etc., have obtained a number of technical patents such as invention technologies, utility model patents, appearance patents .


Looking to the future: energy saving, low consumption, environmental protection

Energy saving is the future requirement for the technological development of AQUA brand. The earth's resources are limited, and energy saving is the inevitable choice for the sustainable development of the brand.

Low consumption is a highlight of the product. Low energy consumption, able to use a small amount of energy to achieve maximum efficiency.

Environmental protection is the eternal theme of development. AQUA leads by example, combining product manufacturing with environmental protection themes, leading the industry in environmental protection standards. While pursuing economic development, the brand will also assume social responsibility and strive to achieve a balance between economic and environmental benefits and sustainable development.

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