It is suitable for villas, private swimming pools and other places. It can provide one-stop swimming pool water treatment, domestic hot water supply and other solutions to meet indoor swimming pool circulating filtration, disinfection, water quality monitoring, constant temperature heating, dehumidification (indoor swimming pool), and clean lighting. The entire swimming pool and domestic hot water supply demand.


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1. Provide a full set of swimming pool water treatment solutions

The quality of swimming pool water is closely related to the swimming pool circulation system. Whether the design of the circulation system is reasonable is directly related to the effect of swimming pool water treatment.

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2. Solve the problems of high indoor temperature and humidity, corrosion of buildings, etc.

In the swimming pool room, the high relative humidity of the air causes damage to the building, causing the steel structure to rust and corrode, and the walls become moldy and deteriorate, which seriously affects the beauty and service life of the building.

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3. Pool water heating + shower hot water

Compared with the traditional heating method, the operating cost is relatively low, and there is no pollution, water and electricity isolation, and no combustion, which completely eliminates the dangers of electric shock, poisoning, and explosion. Using the swimming pool constant temperature heat pump heating + shower hot water demand, the energy saving effect is very significant.


Swimming pool pump + filter sand tank + ozone/ultraviolet disinfection Three-in-one constant temperature dehumidification heat pump Constant temperature heat pump + shower heat pump

Swimming pool pump + filter sand tank + ozone/ultraviolet disinfection

To keep the water clean and sanitary, it is necessary to recycle the swimming pool water body to remove suspended solids, magazines, ammonia nitrogen, urea and other harmful organic substances in the swimming pool. This requires the use of swimming pool water treatment equipment.


Three-in-one constant temperature dehumidification heat pump

To meet the constant temperature and dehumidification needs of indoor swimming pools, it integrates constant temperature + dehumidification + air conditioning to overcome high humidity and high chlorine to create a comfortable swimming pool environment.


Constant temperature heat pump + shower heat pump

It meets the demand for constant temperature heating of indoor/outdoor swimming pool water, is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and saves a large part of operating costs compared with traditional heating methods.

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