AQUA Science: How important is a swimming pool to have a good water treatment system?

Release date:2021-10-19

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With the development of the economic level, the swimming pool, as a sports supporting facility, has gradually begun to be welcomed and loved by the public, and has entered thousands of households. However, after building a swimming pool, some people are always unwilling to spend money to purchase installed swimming pool circulating water treatment equipment in order to save costs. Swimming pools without good swimming pool water treatment equipment cannot guarantee the cleanliness of the water quality. Moreover, each water change is not only troublesome but also expensive, and more importantly, the lack of guaranteed water quality also affects the health of swimmers. Therefore, whether it is a private swimming pool or a large swimming pool swimming pool, the swimming pool water treatment system is very important. Installing a swimming pool water treatment equipment system can bring many benefits, and it can also save manpower and operating costs for owners and operators.

AQUA filter sand tank

1. It can save water and reduce waste.
The entire swimming pool water treatment equipment circulation system, its water is recycled. Now our country's water resources are in a state of shortage. The water charges in big cities are relatively high. Swimming pools require huge amounts of water. If this type of circulation is not adopted, the daily waste will be wasted. The water volume will be huge. Using the swimming pool circulation system, only about 20% of the lost water volume needs to be replenished every month, which greatly reduces the operating costs and expenditures of the swimming pool.
2. Keep the entire swimming pool clean.
The swimming pool circulating water treatment system plays an important role in improving the water quality of the swimming pool. Its long-term circulation can keep the water quality of the swimming pool healthy for a long time. With the AQUA complete swimming pool water treatment system, it is even more different. It not only keeps the water clear, but is also more environmentally friendly. The way to improve water quality, prevent the growth of microorganisms from the source, and will not affect human health.
AQUA adopts advanced R&D and production technology. It has circulating water pumps, filter sand tanks, disinfection equipment, water quality monitoring systems, dehumidification heat pumps, constant temperature heat pumps, hot water heat pumps, refrigerators and other swimming pool equipment and other swimming pool equipment. Welcome The majority of customers consult and place an order.

In addition, the air-energy swimming pool constant temperature heat pump can keep the pool water at a comfortable temperature for the human body. The dehumidification heat pump can eliminate the problems of indoor swimming pool humidity and building corrosion, which improves the comfort of the swimming pool environment. AICA medium-pressure ultraviolet disinfection can also be used. Equipment and disinfection equipment such as ozone disinfection reduce the subsequent use of medicines and improve the sanitation of water quality.

AQUA disinfection monitoring equipment

AQUA swimming pool water treatment equipment makes the pool water clear and healthy.
3. Conducive to increase the flow of people.
People like to choose a clean and hygienic swimming pool, so whether the swimming pool water is clean is one of the first considerations for tourists. If the swimming pool water is muddy and the pool wall and bottom are not clean, such swimming pools will not have repeat customers. AQUA pool water After the treatment equipment is used, the water quality will be clearer and healthier, and the health impact on the human body will be greatly reduced. The disinfection smell in the water quality will also be greatly reduced. Friends who like swimming will prefer such comfortable water quality. Such a swimming pool is not afraid of not having it. Repeat customers.
From the above points, we can see that swimming pools need swimming pool water treatment equipment, and a relatively complete water treatment circulation system is needed, otherwise it will be eliminated, because we built swimming pools originally for healthy living. We are not only for To enjoy and enjoy, but to be healthy for enjoyment.

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