Ozone disinfection has obvious advantages, are you still hesitating?

Release date:2021-10-20

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Since the discovery of ozone by SCHOEMBEIM in 1840, the application of ozone has a history of one hundred years. As a strong oxidant and a high-efficiency broad-spectrum bactericide second only to fluorine, ozone has been widely used in water treatment and disinfection systems for swimming pools. With the improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection and health, the improvement of production technology and the reduction of production costs, swimming pools using ozone disinfection are gradually replacing chlorine disinfection swimming pools and are accepted by people. At present, all public swimming pools in Europe and North America adopt ozone disinfection, and there are more than 500,000 in the United States, and they are widely used in Europe. Hong Kong, China, transformed all public swimming pools into ozone disinfection in 1997. In China, since the recreational palace of the Asian Games in 1990, many large public swimming pools, water parks, fitness and leisure clubs and SPAs have adopted ozone disinfection. In the same way, ozone disinfection of swimming pools is moving from aristocracy to the general public.

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01. Powerful fungicide
Ozone is a very active and strong oxidizing agent. It is one of the available powerful oxidants known in nature. It mainly relies on its strong oxidizing effect to kill bacteria. Ozone and its secondary products (such as hydroxyl) have the strongest bactericidal and virus-inactivating effects, and are a very strong broad-spectrum bactericide. It can oxidize and decompose the glucose oxidase and dehydrogenase of bacteria. It can also directly interact with bacteria, leading to the destruction of the oxidation-reduction process of bacterial material metabolism, thereby destroying the growth and reproduction process of bacteria and causing the death of bacteria. Its bactericidal effect is rapid, and it can effectively kill bacteria, viruses, spores and eggs in the water usually within a few seconds, which can effectively prevent the spread of infectious diseases. Experiments have shown that the same concentration of ozone is 600-3000 times more effective than chlorine in killing bacteria and viruses. When the ozone concentration is 1mg/l, the inactivation of fecal E. coli only takes 5 seconds, and it takes 15,000 seconds to achieve the same effect with the same concentration of chlorine. The rapid killing of spores and F phage with strong resistance to chlorine is particularly important. Viruses that are incapable of chlorine such as ADIS and red eye virus can be completely killed.
02. Environmentally friendly green fungicide
Ozone is an environmentally friendly green bactericide. The ozone disinfection process of swimming pool circulating water is a complete oxidation process. The only product is dissolved oxygen, which will not increase the harmful substances and salt content in the water, and will not cause any secondary pollution to the environment. . In order to achieve the purpose of sterilization in the traditional swimming pool chlorine disinfection method, a relatively large amount of chlorine-containing disinfectant needs to be added, and the chlorine preparation will react with the organic matter in the water to generate a variety of chlorinated organic compounds, such as chloroform, chloroform, etc., these substances All are recognized as carcinogenic mutagen.
03. Improve health and comfort
The swimming pool is disinfected with chlorine. As time goes by, the chlorinated organic compounds and toxic gases such as chlorine that evaporate from the water will not easily dissipate above the swimming pool and damage the respiratory organs. People in the middle will smell pungent. Chlorine smell, chest and lungs will feel uncomfortable; at the same time, these toxic substances will be absorbed by the human body (the human body can absorb 500 ml of water per hour in water), the eyes will be irritating during swimming and cause congestion and redness; long-term swimming People will find that the hair becomes yellow and brittle, the skin becomes rough gradually, etc., which seriously affects people's health. The use of ozone disinfection in swimming pool water treatment eliminates the formation of chloramine compounds, and can fundamentally avoid the generation of carcinogenic halogenated organic compounds such as trihalomethanes (THMS). It is these chloramine compounds that can irritate the skin, eyes, and respiratory tracts of swimmers and athletes. Red eyes and skin examinations during swimming are caused by this. It also has a bleaching effect on hair. However, swimming pools that use ozone disinfection will not have such problems at all, and people who swim and exercise can be comfortable and worry-free. During the treatment process, the residual ozone in the water returning to the swimming pool will not exceed the safety limit, and the air can be sterilized and purified to make the indoor air fresh and comfortable.

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04. Degradation and removal of pollutants in water
According to relevant information from the Beijing Municipal Health and Anti-epidemic Station, the content of organic matter, especially ammonia nitrogen (urea) in the chlorine disinfection swimming pool is several times higher than the normal standard, and the water is prone to deterioration. The reason for this is that filtration cannot remove soluble organics, and chlorine cannot decompose organics such as ammonia and nitrogen. In the ozone disinfection system, due to the strong oxidizing properties of ozone, it can react with organic matter in the water, effectively decompose the humus in the water, decompose the tiny organisms that scatter light in the water, prevent the accumulation of organic dirt, and improve the water quality. , Decolorization, and can oxidize the iron and manganese ions in the water, thereby degrading pollutants to achieve the effect of purifying water quality, thereby greatly improving the sensory and clarity of the water, and making the pool water present a beautiful light blue. The water quality is in full compliance with the water quality standards of the FINA and the International Health Organization. However, chlorine preparations have no such effect.
05. Greatly reduce drug consumption
When chlorine is used for disinfection, the addition of chlorine preparations will inevitably lead to a change in the pH of the water, which makes people feel uncomfortable. Therefore, a large amount of alkaline or acidic agents need to be added to neutralize it. The water quality is often poor when the temperature is high and the passenger flow is large. At this time, the chlorine preparations need to be added in large quantities, and ozone is a neutral substance, which will not cause such problems. Ozone can ensure the stability of water quality during high passenger flow and high temperature seasons. However, because ozone has a short half-life and cannot be stored in the water for a long time, a small amount of chlorine-containing fungicide is still needed as an auxiliary long-term disinfectant, but the amount of chlorination can be reduced by more than 65%. At the same time, ozone has a micro-flocculation effect, so under normal passenger flow, flocculants can be eliminated. Under certain conditions of use, such as counter-current circulation, no activated carbon canister, or even no need to add chlorine agents, flocculants, and pH regulators, ozone can be used as the only agent for water treatment.
06. Reduce the corrosion of facilities
The use of hypochlorous acid and its derivatives produced by chlorination will severely corrode the equipment and structures in the swimming pool, such as grids and heating. After adopting ozone disinfection, the amount of chlorine disinfectant is greatly reduced.
07. Better water quality
The ozone disinfection system is also equipped with an activated carbon adsorption filter to remove residual ozone and organic pollutants in the circulating water of the swimming pool, which not only ensures the safety of the ozone disinfection system but also performs advanced treatment of the circulating water, and its water quality will be better than Ordinary tap water.

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08. It is more convenient and safe to use
The raw materials of ozone are inexhaustible and the oxygen in the air is inexhaustible. Therefore, there is no need to consider handling or storage during the production process. The ozone generator is very simple to operate and has high safety. The management and maintenance work is also relatively simple. However, chlorine preparations have certain dangers during transportation, storage and use.
Characteristics of the use of ozone in the swimming pool industry
■ Quick response and low dosage: Ozone can quickly kill bacteria, spores, and viruses spreading in the water and has the effect of sterilization and inactivation at very low concentrations.
■ Strong adaptability: in the range of PH value of 5.6-9.8 and water temperature of 0-37 ℃, it has very little effect on the disinfection performance of ozone.
■ The half-life of ozone is very short. It can be decomposed into oxygen in 20 minutes without secondary pollution,
■ It can destroy the organic matter in the water, improve the physical properties and organ feeling of the water, perform decolorization and deodorization, so that the water is blue, without changing the natural properties of the water.

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