What are the advantages of using LED pool lights?

Release date:2021-10-22

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At present, LED lights on the market are mainly circulated into two types. The first is a low-power in-line lamp bead, LED light source driven by a traditional resistance-capacitance step-down circuit. This kind of drive is uneven, with advantages and disadvantages There are half and half, the second is the underwater light products for LED swimming pool lighting, which are mainly used for fountains, swimming pools, parks and other landscape decorations. Let's take a look at the assembly knowledge of LED lights with the editor of AQUA.

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Regarding the components for assembling LED lights, if you talk about components alone, there are only a few components for resistance-capacitance step-down: capacitors, resistors, electrolysis, and some add triodes and MOS tubes. In the case of the chip, the core is the power IC chip, followed by the transformer, electrolysis, and optocoupler feedback circuit. Then, according to the different chip, the front or output will be added, and some devices will be added to the feedback part, nothing more than diodes, capacitors, etc.
And the assembly tools are very simple, mainly including thermal conductive paint cloth blade, Phillips screwdriver, manual soldering station, soldering iron, assembly fixture holder, tweezers, test stabilized power supply, wire stripper, utility knife, small industrial scissors, multimeter and Cleaning brushes, etc., but the craftsmanship of each company is different, so the tools actually needed are also different.
LED swimming pool lighting is now beginning to mature, and now there are better solutions to the problem of heating and brightness. These mainly depend on the design of the engineer. If the heating problem is not solved, the finished LED lamp will easily appear light. Fading problem. The national policy should also promote the use of LEDs, such as street lights, gradually use LED street lights instead. If you are careful, you can see that many cities have replaced LED street lights.

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LED underwater lights are lamps used for underwater lighting and beautification. They are widely used in various scenes such as swimming pools, fountain pools, pools, theme parks, square parks, etc., and can also be used as the best choice for commercial and artistic lighting. Its appearance is exquisite, beautiful, and it has an excellent decorative effect; it is very ornamental to make the night more colorful. So what are its advantages compared with traditional underwater lights?
First of all, in terms of lighting, LED underwater lights of different specifications can be selected according to the beam angle and irradiation distance of the lamps. LED underwater lights have different purposes such as landscape decoration and breeding. Therefore, consumers have different requirements for the brightness and color of LED underwater lights, so they are generally customized according to customer needs, such as yellow, white, Blue, green, and RGB/RGBW modes can all be satisfied. So compared with traditional underwater lights, LED underwater lights are more varied.
Secondly, in terms of safety performance, underwater lights generally use low-voltage power supply, which effectively prevents the risk of electric leakage and electric shock, and can ensure the safe use of underwater lights. And the LED underwater light is suitable for installation and use in various places, flexible and convenient, and the installation angle can be adjusted freely.

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Finally, in terms of decorative lighting effects, the changes in the lighting effects of LED underwater lights include monochromatic light, internal control colorful changes, and external control colorful changes. Relying on the external controller to complete the colorful effect, you can complete the satisfying colorful colorful effect according to the effect setting that the customer likes. Therefore, the upgraded LED underwater light is more decorative than the traditional underwater light, and it can be used in a wider range of places.
In order to prevent everyone from thinking that underwater lights must be good, here is an additional explanation of the economics of underwater lights: the economics of LED underwater lights refer to the sum of the one-time investment and operating costs of the lamps. Generally speaking, LED underwater lights with better quality have higher prices, longer service life and lower operating costs. On the contrary, LED underwater lights with lower quality are cheap, but they are often caused by water ingress and heat dissipation. The lamps are broken due to poor performance and other reasons, which not only increases the operating cost, but even affects the acceptance of the entire project.
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