Bulletin: The new regulations of "Sanitary Requirements for Ultraviolet Sterilizers" will be implemented on November 1, 2020. Are you ready?

Release date:2021-03-11

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Due to the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, people are paying more and more attention to disinfection and protection, and there are more and more sanitation and disinfection enterprises. In view of the shortage of protective and disinfecting supplies and the virus's sensitivity to ultraviolet rays, ultraviolet disinfectors have received a lot of attention from the public for a while.
In order to standardize the industry and the market, and ensure people's health and rights, this year the National Health Commission and the National Food and Drug Administration have organized adjustments to relevant regulations and standards that mainly involve disinfectants, disinfection equipment, medical equipment and other key areas that are critically needed for epidemic prevention and control. And optimization.
These regulations include: 14 new national standards, including Hygienic Requirements for Ultraviolet Sterilizers and General Requirements for Air Disinfectants.

Hygienic requirements for UV sterilizers

This article focuses on the changes in the new standards of sanitary requirements for UV sterilizers. The new standard of "Ultraviolet Sterilizer Hygiene Requirements" (GB 28235-2020) will come into effect on November 1, 2020, and formally replace the "Ultraviolet Air Sterilizer Safety and Hygiene Standard" (GB 28235-2011) issued in 2011.

Hygienic requirements for UV sterilizers

Compared with the old version, the new standard mainly modifies and increases the scope of use, as well as related precautions and appendices. details as follows:

The definition of "ultraviolet germicidal lamp" was updated, and the name was subdivided.


The old version of the ultraviolet germicidal lamp is defined as "a special electric light source that directly uses ultraviolet light (with a central wavelength of 253.7nm) for disinfection purposes".

The definition of the new version is changed to "special electric light source that directly uses ultraviolet light for disinfection purposes", and the wavelength is no longer emphasized.
new version defines UV disinfection products in more detail and clarity, and different disinfection products should be used for different fields. The definitions of "ultraviolet disinfection", "ultraviolet disinfection device", "upper flat UV air disinfection device", "ultraviolet effective dose", "ultraviolet water disinfection device" and "ultraviolet surface disinfection device" have been added.

Hygienic requirements for UV sterilizers

Modified the UV disinfection band range


The scope of application of the old version of the standard is "ultraviolet air sterilizer with ultraviolet germicidal lamp, filter and fan with the central ultraviolet wavelength of 253.7nm as components".
The new version is changed to "Ultraviolet sterilizer with C-band ultraviolet (wavelength range 200nm-280nm) as the germicidal factor".
The new version clarifies the range of wavelengths, and uses this as an opportunity to promote the standardization and standardization of ultraviolet disinfection products, to ensure the safety of products and the effectiveness of performance functions, and to provide better consistency for future new technology applications and regulatory review. The well-known swimming pool water treatment brand-AQUA's UV sterilizer not only has stable output wavelength, but also has been following relevant industry standards and regulations, in line with international standards, strict quality control, high product quality, rapid and broad-spectrum sterilization, and high work efficiency.

Hygienic requirements for UV sterilizers



Product specifications, naming and other requirements do not belong to product safety and hygiene requirements, so the new version does not make corresponding requirements in the standard.
In the past, ultraviolet sterilizers have always used mercury lamps as the light source, so the whole machine is relatively heavy, mainly divided into wall-mounted, cabinet-type and mobile cabinet-type. With the advancement of technology, more lightweight and compact sterilizers have been developed. The product classification of the old version is no longer applicable, so there is no requirement for classification in the new version. For example, the AQUA UV sterilizer, which is much loved by customers, has a small size and a small footprint, which saves a lot of room space for users and is flexible and easy to install.

AQUA UV case

The requirements for raw materials have been changed from recommended to mandatory


The new version changes the raw material requirements closely related to product effectiveness and safety indicators into mandatory requirements.
The old version of "Raw Material Requirements" is a sub-item under the "Technical Requirements" chapter, while the new version of "Raw Material Requirements" is an independent chapter, and stipulates that, regardless of the sterilizer, it is emphasized that the UV lamp should be made of quartz glass or ultraviolet light. The overrate is not lower than the raw material of quartz glass.
In addition, the raw material requirements in the old version are recommended, while the raw material requirements in the new version are changed to mandatory.

Hygienic requirements for UV sterilizers

AQUA uses amalgam lamps imported from the United States, with a lifespan of up to 16,000 hours.


AQUA uses amalgam lamps imported from the United States, with a lifespan of up to 16,000 hours.

Both ozone leakage and ultraviolet leakage are clearly marked


The new version stipulates that the UV leakage of the upper flat UV air sterilizer in a safe area below 2.1m should be ≤5μW/c㎡. Other types of ultraviolet air sterilizers are located 30 cm away from the sterilizer, and the leakage of ultraviolet rays should be ≤5μW/c㎡; ozone leakage: when the ultraviolet air sterilizer is working, the average allowable ozone concentration in the indoor air environment for 1 hour under human conditions It is 0.1mg/m³.

Hygienic requirements for UV sterilizers

Deleted the technical requirements for the safety of disinfection appliances


The new version deletes the electrical safety technical requirements. The safety technical requirements in the old version stipulated that the sterilizer should be equipped with a 220V special power socket, and should meet the requirements of GB 2099.1. In practical applications, the input power of the UV sterilizer is not necessarily 220V, so the new version deletes such related content.

Modified the scope of application and the content of the corresponding "Precautions"


The old version of the sterilizer is used in medical institutions, production workshops with sanitary requirements, public places and family rooms that need to be sterilized. However, a long time ago, ultraviolet sterilizers were widely used in water tanks and pumps, tap water secondary water supply, aquaculture, swimming pools and other industries, and they have broad application prospects in environmental protection water treatment. Therefore, the new version has updated the scope of application, respectively describing in detail the scope of application of air, water and surface sterilizers. At the same time, in response to these increased scope of use, the content of "Precautions" has been specially added, and it has been merged with the "Label and Instruction Manual" into the "Nameplate and Instruction Manual" chapter.

Hygienic requirements for UV sterilizers

Eight appendices have been added to provide a basis for the newly added scope of application


The new standard adds the following eight appendices, which are the measurement method of ultraviolet intensity, the life test method, the air/water/surface disinfection simulation field test, and the air/water/surface disinfection field test.
Appendix A: Measuring method of ultraviolet intensity;
Appendix B: Life test method;
Appendix C: Air disinfection simulation field test;
Appendix D: Field test of air disinfection;
Appendix E: Microbial killing test in water disinfection laboratory;
Appendix F: Water disinfection simulation field test and field test;
Appendix G: Microbial killing test in the surface disinfection laboratory;
Appendix H: Simulated field test and field test for surface disinfection.

Concluding remarks

The old version only specified the parameters above for the sterilizer product, but did not provide very detailed descriptions and regulations on the specific measurement and test methods. The new version has made a detailed supplement to this part of the content. The strict requirements of the new standard for UV sterilizers are both a norm and a challenge to the industry. The implementation of the new standards is conducive to promoting the standardized management of related brands and enterprises, fully reflecting industry benchmarks, improving my country's standard system, and accelerating the integration of domestic and international standards. Provide professional support and guarantee for the production of UV sterilizer brands and enterprises, and escort the health of consumers.

AQUA UV Sterilizer

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