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Release date:2021-04-07

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(2020-12-14 edit) In the past, hotels, schools and other places with high demand for hot water used coal-fired boilers for heating. With the increase in the price of gas and other energy sources, not only did not save costs, but also sacrificed the environment. . Nowadays, under the promotion of energy saving and emission reduction policies, many hotels are playing the "energy saving" brand, making great efforts in the use of green energy and energy saving and consumption reduction. When it comes to energy-saving and environmentally friendly hot water equipment, many people think of air source heat pumps.

Clouds in the hometown of Jiunvfeng Premium B&B

The air source heat pump uses air as a low-grade heat source and uses a small amount of electric energy as a driving energy source to efficiently absorb low-grade heat energy from a low-temperature heat source and transfer it to a high-temperature heat source, achieving the purpose of "pumping heat". Heat pump technology is also a technology to improve energy quality. It is not a process of energy conversion and is not restricted by the energy conversion efficiency limit of 100%, but by the efficiency of the reverse Carnot cycle. The ratio of its carrying capacity to the electric energy put into the heat pump is called the heating performance coefficient or energy efficiency ratio (expressed in COP). In the case of high ambient temperature, consuming one KW of electric energy can obtain 3~4KW of heat, and the energy-saving effect is three to four times that of electric water heaters.Advantages of air source heat pump hot water system1. Abundant resourcesMore than 90% of the energy on the earth comes from the sun, such as coal and oil are the result of long-term conversion of solar energy, and this is only a small part of it. A large part of it is stored in the air in the form of ground flow heat and radiant heat. The air source heat pump hot water system is to transport the heat in the air to heat the water, and the air is inexhaustible and inexhaustible.2. High practicalityThe air source heat pump hot water system uses electric energy as the driving force to absorb heat from the low temperature side to heat domestic hot water. The hot water is directly sent to the user through the circulation system as hot water supply, and the amount of hot water is large, which can be used 24 hours a day.For example, the recently popular Internet celebrity attraction in Xiaohongshu-Mount Tai · Jiunvfeng Resort has adopted air source heat pump equipment under AQUA, a well-known brand in the water treatment industry, to escort the supply of domestic hot water in the resort.

The cloud in the hometown of the homestay uses AQUA air source heat pump

The Taishan Nine Women Peak Rural Resort Project is the first rural revitalization project signed and put into construction by the Lushang Group. It involves 19 villages and 13,000 people. The total planned investment is 2 billion yuan. It is planned and designed by a well-known domestic planning and design team. The entire film was completed in three phases. According to news reports, Taishan Nine Women's Peak Rural Resort won the Qilu Model Provincial Demonstration Zone for Rural Revitalization, the China Cultural Tourism Integration Demonstration Award, the 2020 Provincial Key Project for the Conversion of Old and New Kinetic Energy, the Key Project of Tai'an City, and the Demonstration Zone for Rural Revitalization of Tai'an City. The “Cloud of Hometown” of Jiunvfeng B&B won the 3rd IAI International Tourism Award and the top 50 most influential hotels in China.

Jiunvfeng bubble pool uses AQUA air source heat pump

Among them, because the "cloud of the hometown" belongs to the category of hotels and guest houses, hot water supply is the most basic service of the hotel, and it must be guaranteed to be continuously supplied 24 hours a day. In addition, it is necessary to ensure reasonable water temperature and stable water pressure, the comfort of water for guests, the hot water supply of Jiunvfeng bubble pool, environmental protection, safety and other factors. Therefore, AQUA decided to combine the actual situation with comprehensive consideration to configure Aike Air Source L series hot water heat pump units as the heat source equipment for the resort. The L series is a new high-efficiency, energy-saving and environmentally friendly hot water heat pump product specially developed by AQUA for the hot water market. It has various functions such as water and electricity separation, two-stage timing, peak and valley energy saving, automatic heating, automatic constant temperature, automatic water replenishment, automatic defrosting, etc. It can operate reliably in all working conditions and 24 hours a day without any worries. Not only can it meet the domestic hot water demand of the "Cloud of Hometown" B&B, it can also provide hot water for the Jiunvfeng bubble pool, and the water temperature can be maintained at about 40°C.

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