Swimming pool meets AQUA air energy, constant temperature and comfort and peace of mind

Release date:2021-04-07

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(2021-01-05 edit) For many swimming enthusiasts, winter is their favorite season. Why do you say that?
Although the outdoor temperature is high in summer, it is also the peak time for swimming. There is a large flow of people and it is basically impossible to swim around smoothly. In winter, there are relatively few people going to the swimming pool and there will be no rushing of lanes. It's very fun to swim!
Swimming in winter is not only less crowded, but also not bad! The uncle who took a bath disappeared, and the crying and crying boy with water spray disappeared. All the swimmers who insisted on exercising were left behind. At this time, you can communicate more with the masters to improve your swimming level.
Another point is that the temperature drops in the winter season, and the immunity will inevitably decrease. Swimming at this time can make people adapt to weather changes faster, strengthen the body, and improve immunity.

Although there are many benefits to swimming in winter, after all, the temperature in winter is lower. Before swimming, swimmers should extend the warm-up time. Before entering the water, 15 minutes to half an hour of warm-up time is essential. Also note that in winter Rest time should not be too long during swimming. Too long a rest interval will make the body become cold quickly and affect the experience of entering the water again. More importantly, choose a comfortable heated swimming pool. In order to improve the swimming pool environment and ensure the swimming experience of swimmers, the Wufutang Swimming Pool in Zhushan County, Shiyan City, Hubei, and the International Indoor Swimming Pool in Gongyi City, Henan Province have installed AQUA-B series air source swimming pool heat pumps.

According to the person in charge of the AQUA air source heat pump, the air source swimming pool heat pump is a new type of equipment that integrates environmental protection, energy saving and comfort. The heat pump technology is used to transport the free heat energy in the air to the water, thereby heating cold water and producing hot water. Purpose. According to professional testing, the maximum thermal efficiency of AICA B series air source swimming pool heat pumps can reach 590%, and the annual average thermal efficiency can reach 480%.
To ensure a constant water temperature, the AQUA-B series air source swimming pool heat pump adopts intelligent control technology and dynamically detects user load based on the fuzzy control principle. After the express reaches the set temperature, it maintains the dynamic matching of the load. The swimmers in the pool feel almost imperceptible. When the water temperature changes, the swimming experience is better.

Generally speaking, the swimming pool water temperature will also be affected by different weather conditions. In cloudy, rainy and snowy weather, the swimming pool water temperature will decrease accordingly. The AQUA-B series air source swimming pool heat pump is equipped with intelligent flexible defrosting technology, which can set defrost parameters and control schemes according to the climatic conditions of different regions, and can provide pool water at a constant temperature regardless of the weather.
"Training for three nines in winter, and training for three in summer" is not only a way to improve resistance, but also exercise people's will. AQUA will continue to create high-quality air source swimming pool heat pump products to ensure swimmers can swim without worries.

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