AQUA air source heat pump swimming pool escorts students' health, environmental protection and energy saving

Release date:2021-04-07

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According to reports, recently, in order to further enhance the scientific and professional nature of the physical examination of junior high school level examination (high school entrance examination), improve the level of school physical education and teaching, and promote the overall development of students, Nanchong, Sichuan decided to take the middle school level examination (high school entrance examination) sports examination project , Scores and testing methods were further adjusted and improved.
The adjustment plan shows that in order to actively guide schools, families, and society to carry out swimming survival skills and safety awareness education for students, and to give full play to the guiding role of the test evaluation baton, Sichuan Nanchong will include swimming in the physical examination skills selection project in 2022.

After swimming is included in the scope of the senior high school entrance examination, the local school swimming pool and other infrastructure construction also need to be carried out as soon as possible to meet the daily swimming exercise needs of the candidates and the needs of the examination venue. During the construction process, the school should fully consider the particularity of the campus swimming pool. Candidates for the high school entrance examination are at a critical stage of physical growth and have high requirements for the swimming pool environment. Therefore, when choosing swimming pool equipment, special attention should be paid to safety, comfort and safety. Health. At present, many schools have adopted Aike air source swimming pool heat pumps to create comfortable and safe temperature-controlled swimming pools.
In order to comply with the mainstream trend of including swimming in the high school entrance examination, and to provide a pleasant physical and mental exercise space for the teachers and students in the school, Chongqing Bayu Middle School has built an indoor heated swimming pool, and selected the AQUA-B series heated swimming pool for the water treatment of the swimming pool. Heat pump and supporting purification equipment.
According to the person in charge of the AQUA air source heat pump, the AQUA-B series constant temperature swimming pool heat pump adopts intelligent control technology and dynamically detects user load based on the fuzzy control principle. After the express reaches the set temperature, the load is dynamically matched to keep the water temperature constant to the maximum. In the swimming pool, students can barely notice the change in water temperature. It is very suitable for use in campuses with high water temperature requirements.

In addition, in order to reduce the noise generated by the operation of the unit, the AQUA-B series constant temperature swimming pool heat pump adopts a suspension shock absorption system and is equipped with a high-efficiency shock absorber. The fan and motor run more smoothly and will not cause annoying noise to the campus. In terms of safety, the AQUA-B series constant temperature swimming pool heat pump can achieve complete separation of water and electricity when heating, so as to effectively prevent the risk of electric shock when students are swimming, which is very safe and reliable.
Not only can they strengthen their bodies, but also master self-rescue skills. At present, more and more young people are involved in swimming. AQUA will work with young people to use advanced technology and products to create a more ideal swimming environment.

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