Do workers want to regain their vitality at the end of the year? Have a look at the constant temperature swimming pool with AQUA air energy

Release date:2021-04-07

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After a year of hard work and hard work, it is the end of the year. Are the "workers" planning to make a good repair and release the pressure of work?
In modern society, many people sit for 8-10 hours at get off work, and they also sit and watch their mobile phones after work. Sitting for a long time, the pressure on the lumbar and cervical spine will increase, leading to chest and back pain, and severely leading to lumbar disc herniation and cervical spondylosis.
Therefore, for health, you can take advantage of the time at the end of the year to move! As a general exercise, swimming is a good choice.

Swimming is different from exercising on land. First of all, the human spine changes from an upright state to a horizontal state during swimming, which greatly reduces the burden on the spine, reduces the pressure on the lumbar intervertebral disc, and does not cause secondary harm to people. In addition, swimming can also improve the function of the human heart and lungs, promote the increase of lung capacity, promote the metabolism of cholesterol, and achieve the effect of fitness and shaping.
A comfortable swimming environment is the prerequisite for achieving the effect of swimming. In order to create a comfortable, constant temperature, quiet and safe swimming environment, Sichuan Miyi Gymnasium has installed an air source swimming pool heat pump as the heat source equipment for the swimming pool.
Sichuan Miyi Gymnasium was built in 2007 and covers an area of 8,000 square meters. The constant temperature swimming pool is divided into three floors: the first floor is a table tennis room, the second floor is a constant temperature swimming pool, and the third floor is a taekwondo hall. The constant temperature swimming pool is 50 meters long and 21.5 meters wide. The swimming pool constant temperature equipment adopts Aike B series heat pump 6 tower.

Swimming pool

After installation, the stable constant temperature swimming pool water provided by the AICA B series air source swimming pool heat pump has made swimming pool operators very satisfied. It is reported that the AICA B series air source swimming pool heat pump adopts a high-speed and precise automatic fly-by-wire control system. After the swimming pool water reaches the set temperature, it can maintain the dynamic load matching, so the swimming pool water temperature will not fluctuate continuously.
Because the traditional gas boiler body is noisy and is generally installed in the basement, there will always be a buzzing sound from the bottom of the pool, which seriously affects the swimming experience. The Aike B series air source swimming pool heat pump is designed with an independent suspension damping system, which makes the fan and motor run more quietly, and the heat pump body has less noise, which completely eliminates annoying noise.

Swimming pool heating equipment

For crowded swimming pools, safety issues are the prerequisite for improving the swimming experience. The traditional boilers are under pressure and are highly dangerous, and require the supervisory department to visit each year for annual inspections. Aike thermostatic heat pump has built-in electronic water flow protection, compressor discharge temperature protection, compressor high and low pressure protection and more than a dozen protections, which are more safe and prevent potential safety hazards such as flammability and explosion.
Now, constant temperature swimming pools equipped with air-source swimming pool heat pumps have been popularized in various cities. Workers who want to adjust their status and rejuvenate are not ready to act!

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