Want to improve the water quality of college swimming pools, how to choose swimming pool water treatment equipment?

Release date:2021-10-18

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At present, more and more colleges and universities have begun to build campus swimming pools and include swimming as a compulsory course. So how do college swimming pools choose cost-effective swimming pool water treatment equipment brands? Which manufacturer of swimming pool water treatment equipment is better? Let's analyze it with AQUA below.

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Swimming is a sport that is beneficial to human health like long-distance running. It can enhance human immunity, improve the cardiovascular system, increase lung capacity, enhance the ability of the respiratory system, and increase blood circulation on the skin surface, whether it is for fitness or bodybuilding. It has a very good effect and is a comprehensive sport that is very worthy of being promoted on campus.
In addition, swimming is different from strenuous sports such as basketball and football, which can better ensure that students get exercise while reducing the risk of injury. Moreover, swimming is an important survival skill. After students have mastered swimming, in case of shipwreck, flood, accidental falling into the water and other accidents, they can correctly respond to and escape in time.

Because of its many advantages, many schools have incorporated the construction of swimming pools into their plans. But in the construction process, colleges and universities should also pay attention to one point. A good swimming infrastructure is the prerequisite for college students to master swimming skills. After the swimming pool is built, the college must improve the construction of campus swimming pools that match it. For example, choosing a cost-effective swimming pool water treatment equipment brand can save costs.

AQUA swimming pool equipment case

The key to creating a high-standard swimming environment lies in swimming pool water treatment equipment. In order to match the high requirements of high-efficiency swimming pools on the environment and water quality, Guizhou Medical University has cooperated with AQUA and installed swimming pool water treatment equipment such as circulating water pumps and filter sand tanks to create a professional-grade campus swimming pool.

According to the person in charge of AQUA swimming pool water treatment equipment, professional swimming pool water pumps are equipment that maintains the efficient circulation of swimming pool water. Aike professional circulating water pumps use special materials and have strong pressure-bearing capacity. They can efficiently maintain pool water flow and save energy by 50% compared with traditional water pumps. , Double flow can be achieved under the same power. Moreover, the AQUA professional swimming pool circulating water pump also adopts an ultra-quiet design, which will not affect the swimming experience of students, and it will improve the overall environment more significantly.

AQUA swimming pool equipment case

The filter sand tank is a device that filters impurities in the swimming pool water and keeps the water clean. The AQUA filter sand tank is reinforced with glass fiber winding, which is more stable and reliable. The filter sand tank body has a UV-resistant polyurethane protective layer, which can resist chemical corrosion, has a longer life and is more durable. It adopts a vertical design and can occupy a smaller space. The AQUA filter sand tank has a backwash function, thereby eliminating additional maintenance costs.
It is the common goal of colleges and universities to improve the physical fitness of students and promote the overall development of students’ moral, intellectual, physical and beauty through swimming. In terms of swimming pools, it is imperative to replace more professional and high-quality swimming pool water treatment equipment. Only when the pool water is clearer. Better water quality can allow students to swim with peace of mind! Choose AQUA, choose peace of mind~

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