Pumps, motors, etc. are all hit! The United States announced the resumption of 25% tariffs on some Chinese goods

Release date:2021-03-11

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On July 6, U.S. local time, the Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) announced a list of exemption from additional tariffs ($34 billion in items on the list), mainly for the announcement on July 9, 2019, with a validity period of 2020. For some products in the exclusion list until July 9, the exemption period will be extended to December 31, 2020. The original tariff exclusion list contains a total of 110 categories of goods, of which 12 categories of goods can be extended to December 31, 2020.
And heat exchangers, water tanks, compression ignition engines, motors, gear hydraulic power pumps, centrifugal water pumps, motor vehicle oil pump shells, impellers, pump seats, pump wheels, pump cylinders, forklifts, automatic graders, self-propelled pneumatics Compaction tools, loaders, escalator drive components, passenger or freight elevator components, planters or planting racks and handles, planters or planter hopper components, horizontal lathes, presses, wire winding machines, internal bearings 98 categories of commodities such as rings, pulleys, electric devices, alternators, fixed capacitors, tantalum capacitors, etc. have not been extended for the exemption period, which means that an additional 25% tariff will be imposed from July 9, 2020.

●Products with extended validity period: Exclude the validity period from being extended to December 31, 2020;
●Products that have not received an extension of the validity period: will be removed from the exclusion list after the expiration date of 2020.7.9, that is, the tariff will be exempted from 2018.7.6 to 2020.7.9, but the additional tariff of 25% will be resumed from 2020.7.9, for export American companies must be cautious in signing contracts with American customers after July 9. (The above time refers to US Eastern Time)
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