Infinitely stunning swimming pools in the world [A list of the top ten swimming pools in the world]

Release date:2021-03-11

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Amazing swimming pools in the world
  Gorgeous visual shock, complements the beautiful surroundings, the infinite pool is undoubtedly the most beautiful man-made pool. Sit back, relax, travel the world through our camera lens and enjoy 22 stunning infinity pools.
Infinity pool (also known as negative shore, zero shore, invisible shore or disappearing shore pool) refers to a swimming pool or reflecting pool, which can create a kind of water surface that extends to the horizon, disappears or extends to the "infinite" vision Effect. Exist in all kinds of gorgeous or overseas resorts, private real estate or advertisements. The design concept of the infinity pool is said to have originated in Bali, Indonesia, where the visually dramatic effects caused by the ubiquitous rice terraces directly inspired the design inspiration for the infinity pool.
  1, Golden Triangle Resort Infinity Pool-Chiang Rai, Thailand

 2. Murni’s Villa Infinity Pool-Ubud, Bali

  3. Infinity Pool at Lake Manyara Hotel-Africa, Tanzania

 4. Kandalama Hotel Infinity Pool-Dambulla, Sri Lanka

  5. Tuscany Infinity Pool, Italy

  6. Khao Anxi Waterfall-Luang Prabang Infinity Pool, Laos (natural pool)

 7. Infinity Pool at Alila Ubud Hotel-Bali, Indonesia

  8. Sheraton Waikiki Hotel Infinity Pool-Hawaii

9. Villa Mahal Hotel Infinity Pool-Turkey

10. Glenlee Island Infinity Pool-Maldives

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